Lake Washington Ridge Homeowners Association

Board Members

President - Alex Adibi cell: 425 623 3780

Vice President - Livia Stoica

Treasurer - Mei Ninman


$300 annual assessments are due 3/01/18. Send your check to: LWRHOA, 6947 Coal Creek Parkway S.E., #374, Newcastle, WA 98059-3159

The next LWRHOA 2018 Annual meeting will be held in the March 2018 time frame.  Time and location to be determined.

Board (and committee) volunteers needed!!! Please contact any board member and/or attend the annual meeting if you are interested in joining.


The new Renton Middle School could mean more traffic around our neighborhood. Click here to view the traffic impact analysis conducted by the city of Newcastle


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Lake Washington Ridge is a community of 119 upscale homes nestled in the city of Newcastle, Washington. Most homes border wooded greenbelts, and some include breathtaking views of Lake Washington, The Olympic Mountains, Seattle, Mt. Rainier and Bellevue. Several parks border our neighborhood or are within walking distance. Wide streets provide safe, year-round biking, walking, or jogging, and our location provides easy access to many hikes and walking trails.

The purpose of our website is to provide access to LWRHOA documents and resources as well as to communicate upcoming events and meetings.

Please email us at with your feedback or ideas to improve our neighborhood or this website

Annual Meeting will be held March 2018

The LWRHOA 2017 Annual meeting was held March 22, 2017 at 7pm at Hazelwood Elementary School. The minutes from the meeting have been updated and are available on the website.

Please feel free to contact a board member or use the association’s email address to propose additional items for the meeting agenda

Call for Volunteers 2017

Board of Trustees - There are presently four volunteer board members whose three-year terms expire. We would like to return to an arrangement of staggered board terms that is called for in the Association’s bylaws. This would facilitate continuity of governance and the transfer of experience between board members. At this time, we are seeking a minimum of 3 candidates to serve a three-year term.

Volunteers needed now

Landscape Committee – Recent anticipated turnover has created a need for someone to lead the Landscape Committee.

If you have any interest in volunteering, please email LWRHOA Board members at or come to the annual meeting and express your interest in person.

Newcastle Community Activities

Wendy Kirchner, the city’s Community Activities Liaison, is a good point of contact for inquiries about city services, programs and activities. She may be reached at or 425-649-4444 x142.

Block Watch

The Lake Washington Ridge Homeowners Association is working with the Newcastle Police Department to organize neighborhood units into a Block Watch Program.

Block Watch Sign

Some of the Block Watch units are already functioning. Others are being organized now! If you are interested in being part of Block Watch, please email LWRHOA Board members at

Other Neighborhood Watch websites of interest:

What is Neighborhood Block Watch?

City of Newcastle Block Watch

A key to Community Crime Prevention
Block Watches are programs in which neighbors watch each other’s property. Whenever you are home, you should be alert to what’s going on in your neighborhood. A police officer many not recognize strangers in your neighborhood, but you and your neighbors will. You can then call police if the person is acting suspiciously.

How does it work?
The program works thru cooperation: neighbors watching out for neighbors. Neighbors know who you are and what car your drive. They may be the first to notice a burglar at your door or windows.

Block Watches are not intended to be a substitute for police; they should not become patrols or vigilante groups. You are asked to report situations to police and let them handle it.

How do I start a Block Watch?
First, call the Newcastle Police Department. You can set a date and time for a meeting and arrange for an officer to attend.

Second, personally invite your neighbors and friends to attend. You can hold the meeting at your home, a library, or at the police station.

Finally, stay committed by holding frequent meetings with your Block Watch members and staying alert in your neighborhood.

What do I watch for?
Strange vehicles, suspicious persons, and people removing valuables from homes or vehicles are good indicators that something may be wrong. Also, listen for the sound of breaking windows or wood, or screams that indicate fear. Watch for people going door-to-door or driving around the neighborhood. Finally, watch for people being forced into cars, anyone shining a flashlight into a home, or people loitering.

If you see something suspicious, write down a description of the person and their vehicle (including make, model, color, and license number). Then call police (911) immediately.

What else can I do?
Exchange work and vacation schedules with a neighbor you can trust so you can keep an eye on each other’s homes. Neighbors should also be able to contact you; be sure to give them home, work, and cellular phone numbers. If you know that neighbor is away and you see an obvious invitation to a burglar, correct it. Close the open garage door and remove the newspapers from the doorstep. Collect their mail.

It takes effort to become acquainted with your neighbors and build the trust needed for a good Block Watch. The result is worth the effort.

Neighborhood watch information provided by Newcastle Police Department (206-205-4278)